Stopping Point . Perhentian Islands


The islands that were once sparsely inhabited by fishermen, now revived as a popular travel destination in Malaysia.

Located at Malaysia’s East Coast, the islands have been renowned for their remote and untouched feel. Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil are the two main islands that accommodate tourists where Perhentian Kecil is usually backpacker’s favorite. More crowds at Perhentian Kecil, more relaxed ambience at Perhentian Besar, both surrounded by tropical greens and crystal-clear waters. Around them are 5 other uninhabited islands which remained undisturbed.

Well-known for their clear tropical waters, the islands are home to different land and marine species. Calm waters and great visibility made them ideal places for water activities like snorkeling, scuba-diving, and canoeing. The must-see are sea-turtles and black tipped sharks that swim freely among the rest. And yes, tourists can be lucky enough to swim with turtles and sharks. Not fond of these? The palm-fringed beaches are decent for a rest.

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