Time Tells

When She’s Lost In The Midst of Struggles, Time Kept Her Going. – she said


“Dear FutureMe, ……”

One fine morning, she receives a letter from the past. Exactly a year ago. The first sentence reads “It has been a month since the day you got so heartbroken that all you could do is sleeping all day to keep yourself occupied, and now still trying hard to pick yourself up.”.

The letter evoked such vivid memories. She couldn’t forget how in the past she had all the suppressed emotions stacking up. And she was so good at pretending things didn’t hurt her in the first place, she couldn’t trust. When everything suddenly changed, she was lost in the midst of figuring out the truth. The truth is, he didn’t change, it’s the mask that fell off. Looking at how he couldn’t care less, she felt like she wasn’t even his friend in the first place. Because friends don’t put their friends down.

She looked for every reason to lead herself to conclusion. She knew, since he doesn’t even bother to let her know, she wouldn’t be able to figure out the exact reason why things turned out the exact opposite of what she thought when all she did was following her true feeling and trusting someone whom she thought was worth the trust. She told herself that she has to move on and dust herself off. Because life goes on. She didn’t want to dwell on sadness because the pain could be worse, she believed that emotions fade. She apologized to herself for not being able to protect her, for not being okay and most importantly for not being able to open up to people around her even when she knew that it’s not wrong to tell her side of the story. She was hesitant to say a word. Despite the struggles, she kept herself busy and surrounded herself with positive people. She recalls feeling wronged and depressed how when mediocrity seeps in, she took baby steps to move on.

Moving on is a process. Time doesn’t heal but it will tell.

Now, at this very moment, she can answer all the unanswerable.  Now she understand why people say it’s okay to be broken a little. She does remember every little thing that happened back then but she doesn’t feel how she felt anymore. She doesn’t remember how she picks up the broken pieces of her heart. Day by day, she lives. Eventually, the past becomes memories. Broken trusts broke her, in the meantime taught her a priceless lesson.

In this life with a tremendous pace of change, there are times when we lose track and screw things up. We won’t always make the right decision. Life does sometimes hit us hard when we feel happy, like abruptly. At that instant it will be like some hurricanes with storm hitting destructing everything we’ve built. But imagine staying put. How can that be better than building yourself up to go after happiness again. 

Holding onto so much faith, this little girl found her way. When her past left nothing behind but memory, she found her strength and value.

The key through the struggle, she says, it’s TIME.

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